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Guard My IP is a security solution for internet users wishing to keep their personal data and identity secure. Our user friendly solutions give greater freedom and piece of mind for people using wifi hotspots, unblocking websites with geographical restrictions & keeping their data encrypted and protected from Hackers.

Guard My IP prides itself in providing a highly professional service with an experienced support team to offer assistance whenever needed.


What do Guard My IP Provide?

  • We provide you with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) which are a 128-bit encrypted tunnel between your computer and one of our many servers.
  • Simply we provide a service which encrypts your internet traffic via one of our high speed and reliable servers, stopping any interception of the data by your ISP (Internet Service provider) or potential hackers in a WIFI hotspot. We also make it appear to websites which you access that you're in the location of the server you are connected to, in affect changing your IP address to either a US, UK or European address.

Guard My IP is administered by:

VTA ONLINE SERVICES LTD - Company registration number - 12363023

Registered Address:

20-22 Wenlock Road
N1 7GU

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