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How to hide your IP addresses

When you get online, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigns you an IP address. There are many reasons why people want to hide their IP address, including privacy, security, and safety concerns. For example, you may want to prevent website tracking, or you may want to hide your identity from your competitors.


Keeping your IP address secured is a good idea. While it is impossible to connect to the internet without an IP address, hiding your IP address is possible by using someone else’s instead. You can hide your IP address and surf anonymously using the most effective security solution, a VPN software. It serves as an IP hider to mask your IP address and secure your privacy, while protecting your Web browsing activity at the same time. Using a VPN allows you to unblock websites as it enables you to bypass internet firewalls and filters. Use a VPN to get access to your favorite sites and content.


Most of VPN requires you to pay for subscription. VPN allows you an un-restricted access while securing your anonymity. Once you subscribe to the service, you can already gain access to thousands of anonymous IPs that you can use to hide your identity. VPN does not only hide your IP address, it also allows you to access any network even if your network might be geographically restricted. VPN is particularly useful when traveling in a foreign country that restricts access to certain websites.


The safest and the most secure way to hide your IP address is to use a trusted Virtual Private Network. By subscribing to a security and privacy solution such as Guard My IP, you can keep your personal data and identity secure.


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