AndroidAndroid - L2TP over IPSec set up guide

Please choose your connection type:

  1. Open "All apps" on your Android and choose "Settings"
    android 1

  2. Click on "Wireless & networks".
    android 2

  3. Click on "VPN settings".
    android 3

  4. Click on "Add L2TP/IPSec PSK VPN".
    android 4

  5. Click on "Add VPN".
    android 5

  6. Now to connect to a UK Server enter " UK" as a "VPN name" or for US Server enter " US" as a "VPN name". (Come back to this stage again later to set up all the server locations you require)
    Then enter the UK VPN server address as given in your "welcome email" for UK IP addresses or US VPN Server address for US IP addresses in the "Set VPN server" and enable a "Enable encryption".
    The secret code as a "Set IPSec pre-shared key" (Please contact us and request shared secret for L2TP, we will send it back to you by email). And disable "L2TP secret". Recommended: Enter the OpenDNS or Google DNS as a "DNS search domain".
    Save settings by pushing a "Menu" button (Hardware button on your device) and click on "Save"
    android 6

  7. Your VPN settings is now ready. Click on your new VPN connection " UK" to connect to UK server or one of your other server configurations.
    android 7

  8. Enter your GuardMyIP Account details as shown in your welcome email.- your User name and Password.
    When you click on "Connect", your VPN connection will be established.
    android 8

  9. You are now connected to a secure GuardMyIP server. You can disconnect and reconnect as often as you wish and set up multiple server connections for different IP server locations (see step 6.)

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