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Many applications, web boards, data bases or even websites can be locked down to IP address level. Having a static IP address when you connect to the internet, every time, any where can be advantageous.

If you or your company is security minded and looking for that extra level of protection that is very much needed now days, Guard My IP can provide a static IP address that will be yours for the lifetime of your account subscription. It will never change and will always be the same, e.g.

Choose from the following server locations:
usa server USA IP Address USA
uk server UK IP Address UK
czech server Czech IP Address Czech Republic
slovakia server Slovakia IP Address Slovakia

This flexible service is only $14.99 per month (per server ip address)

Simply subscribe to using the paypal button above and we will email you set up instructions for your VPN static IP Address.

There are no contracts or long term commitments, this easy to use service and be stopped and restarted at anytime.

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Static IP Address
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Guard My IP gives you the peace of mind that all data when connected to our service is protected through our 128bit encrypted tunnel. This results in no one being able to eavesdrop on your personal information. This is especially important when connected on a Wifi hotspot or you local home Wifi network.

"Our security information, accessible recommends the use of VPN technology when accessing the internet in any Wifi Hotspot" (The Cloud)

This flexible service is only $10.99 per month (€6.49)

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