How to unblock Websites

Being either completely Blocked from accessing websites by Government Firewalls, having Geographical blocks applied due to your location in the world or Just have general restriction on you internet activity due to your location in the world can be very frustrating. Guard My IP will enable you to experience the World Wide Web with none of the restrictions. Connect to our US servers and enjoy a fully un-censored US internet experience or to one of our UK or European serves to enjoy a UK or European internet experience.

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The advantages are amazing. From Watching UK and US TV to enjoying much cheaper calls through Skype, they base you're per minute charges on what IP you have. So if you have a American IP and you call a American phone number, you are making a domestic call. Our VPN service can literally pay for itself if you are doing enough overseas calls.

Unblock these websites:

Freedom of opinions and knowledge was one of the sole purposes the internet was designed, while some sites should obviously be restricted, we believe western laws allowing freedom of speech to be very important. Blocking of web sites like YouTube, Facebook and twitter is (in Guard My IP's opinion) in this day and age very backwards. Guard My IP works around any censorship on the internet.

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