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Hot Spots can be found everywhere now, in Airports, Coffee shops, City centres, Train Stations and you home Wifi network, which is very convenient but also very dangerous.
Hackers trying to access information in Wifi Hot Spots are on the rise, it's far too easy now for criminals to do. Using a Guard My IP will prevent Hot Spot sniffing devices from viewing your logins, passwords and private data.
If you want to read more about the dangers of Hot Spots, please read the article below. http://www.bbc.co.uk/watchdog/consumer_advice/wise_wifi_surfing.shtml

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Everyone can use a little more security when accessing any data online, from downloading email with confidential information contained through to purchasing a gift on Amazon. VPN accounts with Guard My IP give you exactly that. When you create a private virtual tunnel between your computer and ours, and surf the internet from there, your VPN account is giving you a layer of security you did not have before.
"Our security information, accessible recommends the use of VPN technology when accessing the internet in any Wifi Hotspot" (The Cloud)

"We have revised the wording on the HotSpot landing page to emphasise the use of a VPN connection for optimal security." (T-Mobile) secured Wireless by VPN
"We should also point out that without sufficient security, the same type of attacks could happen on Home Wi-Fi networks, whereby a technically proficient person with ill intent can sit outside a domestic residence and carry out the same attacks as demonstrated by your researcher on our Hotspot." (The Cloud)
This flexible service is only $10.99 per month (€10006.49)
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